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Use advanced filter options and list best-match jobs; easily find and apply for your dream job.

Skill-based Profile

DigitalWisers focuses on your skills. Your profile is designed to highlight your skills and career goals.

DWS Score

DWS Score indicates the degree of fit between your profile and job using an Artificial Intelligence algorithm.

How DigitalWisers works?

Find the right job fit

List the job postings according to your skills and preferences easy and fast. In DigitalWisers, you are one step closer to your dream job!

Easily create your skill-based profile. Choose one from different CV template designs, download your up-to-date CV and use it when you need.

DWS Score shows the match rate with of your profile with job postings, so you can easily decide

You can verify your skills with DigitalWisers assessments. You don’t need to take the same assessments again, you can use the same test result for each job application.

In the job posting details, you can easily view the expectations of the company and the position and whether your profile is matched with these expectations.

In DigitalWisers, the network of experts, career coaches and CV consultants are here to support you with career planning.

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