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How DigitalWisers works?

Easy & effective job posting

Compose all your job postings quickly and easily with the skill sets and position description templates made by experts. Pick from the recommended positions, select needed skills, customize your preferences.

DWS Score is a smart match score that calculates the degree of fit between the candidate and job post by using an Artificial Intelligence algorithm. Candidates with higher DWS Scores are better matches for your job requirements.

Share your job posting with talent hunters and they'll help you find the best-fit candidates. List the suggested candidates by matching scores and talent hunter commission rates; view the profile of only the prefered candidates.

Measure and verify the skills of your candidates with DigitalWisers assessments. Analysis reports present the strengths and areas of improvement.

Easily organize and speed up hiring process with Applicant Tracking System: Assign assessments, schedule interviews, generate mail templates...

Our network of partners is specialized by sector and job positions. Qualified partners can comprehensively evaluate the skills of the selected candidates in required areas.

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