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Apply job posts with your own network. Match your network with the best fit jobs in the fastest way! DigitalWisers talent pool is ready for you!

How DigitalWisers works?

Manage your talent pool!

List, group and effectively manage your candidates in the talent pool. Filter and compare your candidates according to their skills, experience and many more criteria!

Get access to job posts of many companies to expand your customer network. Apply effortlessly with the most suitable candidates for the job post!

DWS Score is a dynamic matching score that shows the fitness between candidate profiles and job postings using an artificial intelligence algorithm. It helps you to apply to the job posts with the most suitable candidates in your pool.

Assess your candidates and verify their skills with skill-based DigitalWisers assessments to increase their DWS Score.

Monitor the entire recruitment process from “the resume has been viewed” to “the candidate has been hired” stage.

Close open positions the fastest way. Get a new revenue channel with your personal network. Set your own commission rates, turn your network into value.

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Your network is valuable here!

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